Austin Sober Living Homes
Compare everything we can offer you at 78704 Sober Living with other Austin sober living homes and choose us when you need ongoing support and recovery services. We can greatly improve your chances of staying sober after completing a residential program or while transitioning between programs. Contact us for more information.

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Benzodiazepine Addiction Treatment Tinley Park

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we can help. At BRIGHTSIDE Recovery, we treat medication dependence and substance abuse. Our team of professionals including certified addiction specialists and therapists, will help to get a brand new outlook on life in a safe and comfortable environment. We have intensive outpatient addiction treatment programs and one-on-one customized therapy treatments.

Outpatient Drug Detox Orange County

Experience Recovery Detox & Residential LLC

8060 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles
(714) 782-3973

Residential recovery services are just one of the many paths to addiction recovery; some patients have more success in an outpatient drug detox in orange county, like Experience Recovery. Personalized treatment works best for patients who go to school, work a job, or have other responsibilities at home. Experience Recovery Detox & Residential LLC

Rehabs That Accept United Healthcare

Beat Your Addiction in a Treatment Center Covered by your UHC Policy. Make your insurance work for you!
Understanding your insurance policy can be hard. We’re here to help. The Detox Center

Outpatient Treatment Louisville

Solutions Counseling Center

Get help for an addiction on your terms with outpatient treatment in Louisville at Solutions Counseling Center. We believe there are many roads to recovery, and for patients who feel as though they’ve fallen through the gaps, we proudly offer a voluntary outpatient program comprised of group and individual counseling sessions.

Alcohol Rehab Clinics

Do you or your loved one battle with alcoholism? We understand how invasive this disease can be, and how it can take over relationships, work, and the way in which you approach life. Give us a call today (718) 571-8658, and let our trained staff help you through this difficult time. Addiction Rehabilitation Center