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Frequently Asked Questions

Before deciding if 78704 is right for you or your loved one, please read and understand some of our standards listed below. Our house managers are living lives of service, they have been through the process and understand the different pitfalls that happen along the way of this process. Through a compassionate yet firm approach, they are guides that help individuals stay on track in their healing and recovery. We as a staff keep a very close pulse on all of our homes to ensure the healthy family spirit and psychology of the community.

  • What does sober living & extended care include?

    • Daily Meetings
    • One on One Sessions with Directors
    • Full Gym Membership
    • Job Assistance
    • School Assistance
    • Group Support Meetings
    • Big Book Study
    • Life Skills Training
    • High Accountability Homes

  • Do you accept insurance or is funding available?

    We are currently private pay only. Some scholarships are available through our partner, the SIMS Foundation.

  • Are there currently any openings available?

    Please call us at (877) 317-8260  to inquire about current availability.

  • I am looking to lead a sober life now; Can 78704 help me?

    Absolutely and congratulations! Discovering that you want to lead a sober life is the first step to recovery. 78704 Sober Living is the perfect place to recover, as our close-knit community, highly-refined program, and creative atmosphere provide the necessary elements needed for recovery.

  • What sets 78704 apart from other sober living homes/recovery communities?

    Each resident’s recovery process is supported by an individually tailored path once their needs are assessed. This includes everything from housing and drug testing to optional activities. This highly-refined approach to recovery is enhanced by our supportive, artistic atmosphere, providing everything needed to recover once and for all.

  • What are the requirements to stay at 78704 Sober Living?

    Please directly contact us today to find out about resident requirements at 78704 Sober Living.

  • How long is the sober living and extended care program?

    78704 Sober Living requires our residents to stay at least a minimum of 90 days for the extended care program, and most clients stay between 4-6 months to reap the full benefits on their path to recovery in our sober living homes.

  • Do you continue to help residents after the program ends?

    Being a part of our amazing community means you’re always family. Though it varies from resident to resident, we offer alumni the opportunity to attend meetings and other activities.

  • What is the average age of the men staying at 78704?

    The average age of our residents at 78704 Sober Living is between the ages of 21 and 45.

  • Is there a schedule to follow during my stay at 78704?

    78704 Sober Living provides each resident with a daily schedule that includes everything from a morning and night routine to a creative time schedule. This is dependent on seniority and phase level, which varies from patient to patient.

  • How big of a role does creativity/music/art play in recovery at 78704?

    Creativity, music, and art play a large role in the recovery process at 78704 Sober Living. The majority of our clients love music and art, and 78704 Sober Living was founded with this in mind. We have guitars and a piano in the house, and we encourage all of our residents to get creative.

  • How far away is 78704 from the bus line?

    78704 Sober Living is located approximately one block from the nearest bus line.

  • Can I have my own vehicle and still do things outside of 78704?

    Though it depends on what phase of recovery you are in, usually yes.

  • Are you allowed cell phones and laptops at 78704?

    Cell phones and laptops are allowed.

Our Facility

It’s critical to choose the right Sober home for yourself or your loved one. We know that the environment is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to becoming healthy. A plant will thrive in healthy soil, which is why we have an active role on maintaining a healthy and holistic environment to ensure a safe, nurturing and clean home to focus on recovery.

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