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PHP Rehab Fort Worth TX

If you’re thinking about joining a PHP in Fort Worth, TX, we welcome you to Ascendus Behavioral Health. You should never attempt to confront your addiction alone, knowing how aggressive and volatile it can be. To treat it effectively, you need to rely on a treatment targeting its causes and ensuring long-term sobriety and healthy living.

The differences between residential, PHP, and IOP treatments

Not all rehab addicts struggle with the same addictions, side-effects, or withdrawal symptoms. Some often have it worse than others depending on their substance of choice, addiction’s length and severity, the existence of other co-occurring disorders, etc. For effective, safe, and reliable recovery, they need different treatment approaches according to their needs and capabilities.

Here are the most reliable rehab treatments available and the differences between them:

Inpatient/Residential treatment

If you’re dealing with aggravated withdrawal and advanced addiction symptoms, you need inpatient Fort Worth, TX, rehab treatment immediately. The inpatient program lasts between 30 and 90 days, and it relies on 24/7 supervision and medical assistance in a controlled and comfortable environment. It’s more expensive than other treatment options since it offers high-end living conditions, luxurious amenities, and multiple high-end recovery programs.

If you need to join the best local drug rehab fast, the inpatient treatment is ideal for you. It is a necessity for people seeking safe and comfortable detox and recovery, allowing them to overcome their addiction and focus on long-term sobriety and healthy living.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our addiction treatment center and rehab in Fort Worth offers PHP as follow-up treatment after the residential treatment. It offers the same level of care for five hours per day, Monday to Friday. This means you can return home after each treatment session, allowing you to recover in your family’s company and care.

PHP is also a valid option for people who don’t need inpatient care in the first place. Our rehab centers in Fort Worth, TX, rely on PHP services to help people struggling with mild and moderate addictions who need guidance, medical support, and counseling.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

IOP relies on nine hours of group therapy and individual counseling sessions every week for sobriety maintenance and community involvement. IOP will help you meet other recovering addicts battling similar problems and looking for similar solutions. You will all share your experiences and find mutual moral and spiritual support along the way. It’s not uncommon for patients to develop long-lasting friendships, which will prove invaluable for their ability to remain sober and healthy over time.

If you’re looking for the best recovery centers in Fort Worth, our facility is the ideal destination. We help people regain their confidence, stability, and positivity and help them discover a better path in life. For reliable PHP in Fort Worth, TX, we recommend calling our rehab specialist today.

Ascendus Behavioral Health is available for contact at 1-888-784-8481 with an expert ready to immediately take your case. Be strong, call our rehab facility, and leave addiction behind in exchange for a sober, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle moving forward.

PHP Rehab Fort Worth TX

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PHP Rehab Fort Worth TX

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