The Importance of Reading Reviews for Sober Living Homes in Austin, TX

For those of us who thought the journey towards recovering from drugs and alcohol addiction would be a walk in the park, we had a rude awakening ahead of us. It takes a lot for you or your loved one to finally get over substance addiction and can be the hardest challenge any of us face.

Getting sober can be incredibly strenuous and draining, but once you have mastered the discipline and self-care required to heal, you’ll find that you become an inspiration for those around you.. It takes time, but it’s better to arrive late than sorry.

After rehab, you may be interested in finding a convenient and amusing facility for sobriety while living in Austin, Texas. Most hear first about “rehab” from magazines, Television advertisements, friends, or a close mentor, but it ultimately has to be your choice. Do you want to show up for yourself in this way?

You have the option of choosing your own adventure, but it can be incredibly beneficial to find a conducive environment for safe, sober living. One of the best ways to find a home that will work in your favor and speed your recovery journey is to tune into those who have come before you.


  • Great rehab! Good place to get sober. Great location. A lot of great people working here! Definitely recommend this to anyone suffering with addiction issues!
    Joaquin Perry
  • Beautiful facility with wonderful techs. Everyone is very caring and knowledgeable. I recommend their program.
    Bridgette Moeller
  • They have given me a new lease on life. There individual sessions combined with group therapy got through a terrible time in my life in which I can now speak openly about. I found confidence which I never had, and even begun to love myself! Thank you so much!
    Darren Mixon

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Graham Cornwell
Graham Cornwell
From someone who has lived in numerous sober living houses, I can say from personal experience that this one is truly exceptional! The staff takes a firsthand interest in each client and their sobriety and has been supportive throughout. The community and skills I’ve learned here are invaluable to me and my recovery. Could not recommend 78704 sober living enough to someone looking for a strong place to start or build upon their sobriety!
trey price
trey price
So, I’ve had the blessing and experience to be apart of 78704 sober living. The staff and members are in true light good sober life and fun, I was reminded that life can be fun without Substances and or alcohol. Their resources and daily plans were healthy for my mind and body, if I had to do it over again I’d would choose 78704 sober living again and would recommend to my closes family member or friend to them in a heart beat. 🙏
Jody Long
Jody Long
78704 Sober Living has helped me in alot of ways.The staff is very welcoming, the homes are very clean and the location is fantastic.
Maria Dudareva
Maria Dudareva
Stacey Carrizales
Stacey Carrizales
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