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Sober Living in Austin, Texas
Downtown Recovery Program

Sober Living Austin

People come to 78704 Sober Living in Austin at different stages in their recovery with different needs. For those reasons we have created a multi-level system to meet our clients needs where they are in their recovery.

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We connect our residents with our talented team of Being True To You trained Recovery Coaches to support them in having more accountability, consistency, goal setting and personalized attention during their stay at any of our homes. 

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Austin Amenities

Located near downtown, weekly house meetings, Health Club Membership, CrossFit Classes, UA testing, monthly maid service, life skills, recovery support, airport pickup, pet friendly, and both Mens and Woman’s Houses.

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Austin Sober Living
Premier Downtown Destination

Our upscale sober houses in Austin, TX are gender-specific, substance-free places where you can figure out a course or direction. We have a support staff and a multi-level program that aims to help you adjust to the outside world.

Apart from what you’ll be doing inside our sober house, we also want you to venture out and slowly reintegrate yourself to the outside world. Our sober living homes in Austin, TX feature wonderful amenities and within reasonable distance to jobs, schools, and other establishments. This proximity to different opportunities for education, employment, and entertainment makes sober living an extraordinary healing experience while you’re in recovery. If you’re looking for sober living homes in Austin, TX, 78704 Sober Living might be the right fit for you!

Where Recovery Meets Healing & Optimization

At 78704 Sober Living we are passionate about sobriety. Our senior-level team has collectively 60+ years of sobriety. We believe in the capacity of people to change and transition.

We provide additional holistic services and resources that other Sober Living environments do not. Whether our residents are continuing the work they’ve already done or are just beginning their spiritual journeys. We provide the support that this process requires.


78704 Turned my Life Around

“Absolutely changed the course of my life. After many failed attempts at traditional treatment centers, I knew I needed something different. After learning of 78704’s new ownership and program, I hesitantly booked a flight thinking “at the very least it’s in Austin.” Little did I know the drastic change to come. I came for one month. I stayed for three. And now two months after completion that changed my life, and am more excited then i have ever been for the future. I have a close relationship With My family again, I have REAL friends, my hunger for life has returned, and I’m striving towards my goal. The staff have become personal friends of mine, who still to this day are there for me when I’m having a bad day. 78704 Sober Living not only saved my life, it gave me one.”

– Sami Jalanbo
Bell County

A former resident of Sober Living Homes in Austin
  • I am looking to lead a sober life now; Can 78704 Sober Living help me?

    Absolutely and congratulations! Discovering that you want to lead a sober life is the first step to recovery. 78704 Sober Living is the perfect place to recover, as our close-knit community, highly-refined program, and creative atmosphere provide the necessary elements needed for recovery.

  • What sets 78704 Sober Living apart from other sober living homes/recovery communities?

    Each resident’s recovery process is supported by an individually tailored path once their needs are assessed. This includes everything from housing and drug testing to optional activities. This highly-refined approach to recovery is enhanced by our supportive, artistic atmosphere, providing everything needed to recover once and for all.

  • How long is the sober living and extended care program?

    78704 Sober Living offers month-to-month and most clients stay at least 6 months to reap the full benefits on their path to recovery in our sober living homes.

  • Do you accept insurance or is funding available?

    We are currently private pay only. Some scholarships are available through our partner, the SIMS Foundation.

  • Do you continue to help residents after the program ends?

    Being a part of our amazing community means you’re always family. Though it varies from resident to resident, we offer alumni the opportunity to attend meetings and other activities.

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